Fantastic Plastic Squad

iOs/AppleTV/Android (December 2015)

As Senior Technical Artist, I helped develop a pipeline that pushed the visual quality of the game to the limits of mobile hardware.

  • Handled all the artistic and technical aspects of our lighting system. This included creating custom tools for both Maya and Unity to prepare our scenes for baking in V-ray.
  • Ensured all art assets were optimized to work within the limits of mobile hardware.
  • Created custom tools to find inefficiencies and and errors in our levels.
  • Setup PBR materials.
  • Designed an efficient "eye-adaption" exposure technique without using post-processing. (implemented by our Graphics Engineer)
  • Created environment assets, textures, VFX, and supplemental animation.

Unsung Story: Tale of the Guardians

PC/Linux/Mac (TBD)

As Senior Artist, I was primarily responsible for pre-production concept art and support for the successful Kickstarter campaign.

  • Developed concept art to set a tone and mood for the game.
  • Invented POI environments for story elements.
  • Created illustrations to help visualize game-play concepts.
  • Quickly adjusted work to fit the needs of the Kickstarter campaign.
  • Character concepts for Kickstarter rewards.


PC/Xbox360/PS3 (April 2013)

As Concept Artist, I worked from early in the project up until release creating environment and prop concept art.

  • Created environment concept art from game docs and write-ups.
  • Worked on art for dungeons and outdoor areas for an open world environment.
  • Helped improve textures and materials for in-game assets.
  • Created block-outs for game-play testing as well as concepts.
  • Worked on all time-of-day lighting using the in-house game engine.

Personal Work


Things I enjoy working on in my free time!

  • Painting!
  • Modeling!
  • Game Design!